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       To ensure industrial development while protecting the physical and mental health of children, the Industrial Development Bureau has established the “Computer Software Rating Regulations” pursuant to the Children and Youth Welfare Act promulgated in 2006 in order to incorporate computer game software into the rating system and promote positive development for the domestic gaming industry.

       The Protection of Children and Youth Welfare and Rights Act was amended and promulgated on November 30, 2011 to explicitly authorize the competent economic authorities to strengthen the game software rating management. The Industrial Development Bureau has taken the digital gaming industry development trends into account, referenced the relevant management measures from advanced foreign nations, comprehensively reviewed and revised the current rating regulations and eventually amended the original “Computer Software Rating Regulations” into the “Game Software Rating Management Regulations.” The previous 4-level rating system (G, P, PG, R) was revised into 5 levels (G, P, PG12, PG 15, R). The goal is to enable different gaming age groups to select the appropriate game software via the detailed ratings.
       In response to the promulgation of the Game Software Rating Management Regulations, the Industrial Development Bureau has commissioned the Digital Game Self-regulation Committee (DGRC) to construct this website as a project. The goal is to enable the public to check the rating information for commercially available game software as well as the game ratings and plots registered by the game software distributors or agents. If a failure to follow the rating guidelines or inappropriate rating is discovered, the public can report the matter through the website and the government will handle the matter accordingly.
       The advancements in reality somatosensory technologies are vastly used by the game industry and reality somatosensory experience halls to become one of the major entertainment channels for the public. To provide the relevant child-protection measures in this emerging field, the Industrial Development Bureau has revised the Game Software Rating Management Regulations to explicitly include the reality somatosensory games into the rating specifications and listed the rating obligations of the relevant practitioners. The promulgation operations were completed on April 20, 2018. Moreover, since the reality somatosensory technologies can create more realistic and immersive gaming environments, the DGRC has provided relevant consultations to the various experience halls in the market since 2018 on field equipment security and software content warning label-related matters so that the public can try the entertainment experience brought about by the new technologies without any worries.
       Registering the game software and experience hall related information using this website allows the public to obtain complete consumer information, and the product resources on the website can also provide industry matchmaking opportunities for the relevant practitioners. In addition, new information on the relevant industrial policies and laws are also updated on this website on an irregular basis in order to maintain the positive development environment of the game industry, maintain order for the industry market and provide a high-quality gaming environment for the public.